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UPDATE ! – Project Supremacy has put a hold on sales of the plugin , Feb 24 2016. Nothing bad they just launched the software and are working through a 6 week training program and getting all their new customers sorted and educated on the plugin.

Don’t despair as I have an agency license and can install it for you with my commercial license key , all legit and easy to do for you.

Regarding the Schema Markup WordPress Plugin , If you don’t know what Schema Markup Language is then don’t be embarrassed , most people don’t. In fact it’s estimated that over 80% of Websites don’t have Schema structured data working in their favor with the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing and this hurts your SEO efforts. Schema is the structured data that search  engines use to capture what your website is all about. They in turn format these data bits in the pretty links , starred user ratings, local business listings, display images in your local area and more when you type in the keywords of what you are searching for. This WordPress plugin is based on the popular Json-ld format which is a stable base to work with in computer language.

This Schema Markup WordPress Plugin is especially useful for searches done on mobile devices like cellphones which the user experience expectation has gone way up recently. By adding Schema data to all your websites and diversely on individual pages if you own a company with multiple locations schema structured markup data will give you a huge advantage that other website owners just do not have….. yet !

Check out the schema markup structured data example and what it advertises for you.

schema markup language
Schema Markup for Local Business Listings

The Schema Markup WordPress Plugin Displays what the search engines want , so give it to them!

serps images in google via schema markup

It can display micro data and rich snippets and that’s exactly what the search engines want and that will boost you in more ways than one. So now that you know this Schema plugin for WordPress is essential to your businesses success. It will add the structured data that search engines are seeking for 24/7/365.

It can also add a rich snippets Ratings form for your site to help in getting user ratings displayed in google etc like this example.

rich snippets
Rich Snippets of structured data

See a quick demo video – several updates have been added since this video was shot but you get the idea. It works very well. Note :It must have ioncube running on the web- hosting server. If your not sure what that is , it’s OK , it can be added by your website hosting provider.

Schema micro data – done for you -Installed and set up for you in your WordPress website…………………….. Interested ?

Last known advertised pricing was this:

original plugin pricing

1 – You would get an invoice via Paypal. So to make sure you don’t have to wait for them to-reopen the purchase of their plugin , I can install and add the schema for your main pages up to 10 for $75.00 usd. via my business verified PayPal acct.

2 – You would give me access to the website (via a temp admin login ) to install it on, takes about 10-20 minutes total and we’re done !

Just send me a request to call you via the contact us page and I will be happy to assist you. Or call me and I can help you.  1-780-461-6612.  Email



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